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Ask An Ex – Episode 9: How Evelyn Quit Smoking after 40 Years With the CBQ Method & Why Going Through a Step by Step Process Helped Her

Welcome to episode #9 of Ask an Ex. In this interview, our wonderful member Evelyn shares her story of how she quit smoking after 40 years with the CBQ Method on April 8, 2019. She’d previously tried to quit using the nicotine patch and e-cigarettes, but it wasn’t what she was looking for.

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Ask An Ex – Episode 8: How Robin Quit Smoking after 45 Years with the CBQ Method & How Quitting Changed Her Life

Welcome to episode #8 of Ask an Ex. In this interview, the wonderful Robin Redmond from Massachusetts shares her story of how she quit smoking a pack a day after 45 years with the CBQ Method. Robin quit more than 3 years ago on June 15, 2017. Like many smokers, she had a

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All Help Some Smokers Quit

 Thirty-six co-authors, peer review, and they still got it wrong. Dr. John Pierce and 35 colleagues have published a study in the journal PLoS One analyzing data from FDA Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) surveys.  Their work was touted in a University of California San Diego press release titled, “E-cigarettes Don’t

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Ask An Ex – Episode 7: How Elinor Quit Smoking after 55 Years & How Her Faith in God Helped Her Succeed

Welcome to episode #7 of Ask an Ex. In this video, the inspirational Elinor Fibel from South Carolina shares her story of how she quit smoking 2 and a half packs a day after 55 years with the CBQ Method. Elinor quit on the 11th of November 2018 after trying all available stop

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The Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking For Good

Are you looking for an effective way to quit smoking and protect your lungs without missing cigarettes? Do you feel stuck because this crisis is making you smoke more but it’s also making quitting more important now than ever? Have you tried to quit before with willpower or medication only to relapse because

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Why You Don’t Need Willpower to Quit Smoking

Can you really quit smoking without willpower? Every time I tell our members or seminar attendees “you don’t need any willpower to quit smoking and the CBQ method requires no willpower”, you’re asking me “How is it possible?” “How can I ever stop smoking without willpower?” If you think it’s impossible to quit

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Ask An Ex – Episode 6: How Valerie Quit Smoking 2 Packs a Day after 40 Years, Handled Cravings & Unsupportive People

Welcome to episode #6 of Ask an Ex. In this video, the incredible Val from the UK shares her story of how she quit smoking 2 packs a day after 40 years with the CBQ Method. Val quit on the 30th of April 2019 and she is nothing short of inspiring, hilarious, insightful

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The Real Reason It’s So Hard to Quit Smoking

Nicotine is intensely addictive—any smoker will be able to tell you that. Some might even tell you smoking is harder to quit than any other drug or alcohol addiction. Some will tell you they quit years ago, decades even, and they still crave the occasional cigarette. Even though they may sound extreme, these

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Celebrities Who Have Quit Smoking and Lived to Tell the Tale!

How do you resist the urge to go for just one more cigarette? That’s the tough-to-answer question that many people struggle with when they’re trying to quit smoking. Although most smokers know how bad cigarettes are for their health, quitting cold turkey isn’t as straightforward as that. Cigarettes are physically addictive due to

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