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I didn't intend to post again until I hit the 2 week mark but I feel like a couple of you have truly taken me under your wing and I'm so grateful for that and wanted you to know that I'm still succeeding thanks to your help. So here it is...

Today I did my groceries it's the first time I've been to a retailer that sells cigarettes since I quit. I paid for my groceries and the lady behind the smoke counter was just standing there waiting for me (I'm a creature of habit and routine and that would normally have been my next stop) she made eye contact so I said hello, she told me that her husband got his promotion and I congratulated her, I told her that I had to get going, she had the smokes already rung up and waiting on the counter, I said to her, no thank you I don't smoke anymore, and I left.

I won't lie I was tempted, but I said no. I didn't believe you all when you said it gets easier but it truly does. I have had a couple of really good days in a row now and that sense of pride and accomplishment is really starting to seep in. I love that when people stand close I'm not worrying about how I smell and I've noticed my kids don't get as out of hand behaviourally because I'm always there to diffuse the situation before it becomes a catastrophic disaster.

Thanks every one. I can't wait to hit my 2 week mark. ❤️

Posted : 28/07/2020 5:55 pm
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