High School Seniors Vaping Less While Smoking, Drinking, Getting Drunk More

 Just-released 2020 Monitoring the Future survey results (here) indicate that all forms of vaping among high school seniors declined (as seen in chart at left), even as alcohol use, getting drunk, and cigarette smoking all increased.Prior to this year, the rate of current smoking (i.e., past 30 days) had been on a precipitous

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Tobacco Truth: How Federal Funding Influences Tobacco Research: GroupThink & Group Authorship

 I recently critiqued a study by Dr. John Pierce and 35 co-authors of the FDA’s Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) data that found, per their press release, “E-cigarettes Don’t Help Smokers Quit.”  My analysis showed their data supported a finding that e-cigarettes are as helpful as medicines and other aids promoted

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Tobacco Truth: Dear Canadian Smokers: Please Follow Britain’s Guidance

 I sent the following message to Canadian smokers.  It appeared in a Maclean’s magazine health supplement, with sponsorship by the Canadian Vaping Association (available here).___________________________________ You may wonder why an American professor accepted an invitation from the Canadian Vaping Association to author an article about e-cigarettes. In part, it’s because I want to

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Tobacco Truth: Covid-19 Deaths in the United States: It’s Not the Flu

In the past I have been critical of how the Centers for Disease Control Office on Smoking and Health has exaggerated and distorted smoking-attributable deaths, teen vaping and smoke-free tobacco risks.  But there is another branch at CDC that does a sterling job year after year: the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). 

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How to Manage Your Emotions Without Smoking

How to manage your emotions without smoking? Nasia Davos here in this video i want to show you how to manage your emotions without smoking of course this is a huge topic there are many ways to manage your emotions but in this video i’m going to show you three things and almost all smokers use

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Another Groundless Gateway, Courtesy of Children’s National Hospital

 Pediatrics, the flagship journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, published an article two and a half years ago asserting that e-cigarettes are a “gateway” to smoking.  After extensively analyzing the data from the FDA’s Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health, or PATH, on which the claim was based, I concluded that the

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All Help Some Smokers Quit

 Thirty-six co-authors, peer review, and they still got it wrong. Dr. John Pierce and 35 colleagues have published a study in the journal PLoS One analyzing data from FDA Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) surveys.  Their work was touted in a University of California San Diego press release titled, “E-cigarettes Don’t

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Young Adults Sustain the High School Smoking Decline!

 In January, I discussed results from the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) showing that vaping among high school students increased considerably over the past five years, as use of cigarettes declined at a rapid rate (here).  With the release of 2019 data from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), which I summarized

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3 Mental Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Do you know all the mental health benefits of quitting smoking? You probably already know that quitting will improve every part of your body. (If no, don’t worry! You can see what happens when you quit smoking here) But what about your mental health? Maybe, if you’re like me and most other smokers,

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Swedish Research Proving HPV Vaccine Prevents Cancer Mirrors that Country’s Life-Saving Snus Experience

 Research from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and Lund University, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine protects women from cervical cancer.  It showed that vaccinated women had only 37% of the risk of contracting that cancer compared with

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